How do I apply for a poultry house?
Individuals interested in constructing poultry houses should make an appointment to meet with the zoning administrator to see if their property qualifies for poultry houses. If the property qualifies, they will be given an application to complete along with a checklist of items that need to be completed. These items will include surveying work to determine setbacks from property lines and dwellings, engineering work to determine litter storage site, approval from VDOT for the entrance, notarized consent of adjoining landowners if setbacks are to be reduced, nutrient management plan, and erosion and sediment control bond. When all of the items on the checklist have been completed, the application along with all the required paperwork should be brought back to the zoning administrator for review. When all paperwork has been submitted and if all requirements are met, a building permit for the poultry houses can be obtained (this is a farm building permit and requires no inspections).

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