Business Permitting

Rockingham County does not require a business license to conduct business within the County. However, you should contact the Zoning Administrator to determine if you may need a Home Occupation Permit, Home Business Permit, Special Use Permit, or if Rezoning of your property is necessary to conduct your business. Additionally, you should contact the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office to determine if you need to register your business for tax purposes.

 The three types of permits available (depending upon the property’s zoning) for operating a business from your home are:  

Home Occupation Permit

If the only employees working at the home also reside there and you have no customer traffic, you may qualify for a home occupation permit.

Home Occupation Permit Application

Home Business Permit

If you have no more than two employees who do not reside at the home and you have no more than two customer trips per hour, you may qualify for a home business permit.

Home Business Permit Application 

Special Use Permit

Uses allowed only by special use permit are those considered to have a potentially greater impact upon neighboring properties or the public than those uses permitted in the district as a matter of right. 

To see if you require a special use permit consult the zoning ordinance or contact the Rockingham County Zoning division.

 Special Use Permit