Lavender Farm

What once was a little hobby for the Haushalter family in Harrisonburg has grown to over 8,000 lavender plants at the White Oak Lavender Farm. To say this farm is stunning is a serious understatement, not to mention the powerfully relaxing scent that fills the air.


From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the farm offers guided walking tours where you can learn more about growing lavender, distilling, and cleaning the flower buds. You'll also get to explore the Discovery Area, where you can pick fresh lavender (when in bloom), walk the labyrinth and play on the life-size checkerboard.

Applications of Lavender

If you're wondering what you can do with this wonderfully aromatic plant, it's one of the key ingredients in Herbs de Provence. Lavender also pairs wonderfully well with lemon for baking, for items like scones and bread, but they offer a complete selection of recipes for other delectable ideas. See for yourself and try the lavender ice cream while you're there. It's also commonly used to brew with tea, or as a simple sprig in a flute of champagne. And speaking of wine pairings, the farm also features a vineyard and tasting room where you can pair wine samples with lavender infusion drops.


The farm also offers a number of unique classes and events throughout the year, including:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Wand making
  • Wreath making
  • Halo making
  • Women's creative calm sessions
  • Firefly night