Just because the leaves are changing doesn't mean there's less to do here; just the opposite, in fact.

Farms, Orchards & Vineyards

With so many farms, orchards and vineyards here in the valley, we refer to this time of year as 'Harvest Season' rather than fall or autumn. Take for example Showalter's Orchard where you can pick from their over 26 variety of apples directly from the trees. You can also get your taste of all things apple including their cider (both the kid-friendly and adult-style varieties), jams, apple butter, and more.

Outdoor Activities

More than just tasting all the amazing produce grown here, our area is also legendary for the fall foliage. Not only is the depth of color enough to inspire, our mild crisp weather means the leaves stick around for several weeks so you can be sure to get the full experience while hiking, biking, driving, or all three.

Harvest Season Events