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U.S. Census 2020

Since the founding of the U.S. the Census has been an important endeavor performed every decade to construct a proper picture of our communities and provide critical statistics for things like grant funding and political representation. Below are some helpful links and documents to tell you how the information you provide is used, the importance of completing the Census, as well as key dates and deadlines to keep in mind.  


Invitations and postcards for Census completion are still being delivered to home addresses. Be advised, that during the current health crisis it is important to be aware of your options in how to successfully complete the Census. Options include completion online, by phone, or by traditional paper flier. The first link below directs users to the Census website for easy and direct completion online--with or without a Census postcard identification. The second link below is a useful interactive link that allows users to see live completion results and observe what areas and communities are responding to the Census. Make sure to follow Rockingham County on Facebook and other social media platforms to have quick, up to date information on the Census. 

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Census Response Results Map

why the census matters

Browse the link below to find out why the Census is important for you and our communities. Scroll down to find specific information regarding jobs, announcements, and information to help answer any particular questions on how to successfully fill out the Census. 

Why The Census Matters

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census process and dates

Beginning in mid-March households will be mailed invitations with ID information to use on their online Census completion. Below are some important dates to keep in mind and be on the lookout for. 

Click the image below to go to the website for the Virginia Complete Count Commission to learn more about ongoing state efforts related to the April 1st Census and to answer any FAQs

census dates

jobs and announcements

Across the nation and here in Rockingham County the Census Bureau is hiring to fill hundreds of temporary positions to assist with the Census count. Census positions offer competitive wages with flexible hours paid weekly! Click the images below to visit the Census website and apply today.    

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