Physical Ability Testing

Physical Ability Testing

Rockingham County, Augusta County and the Cities of Harrisonburg, Staunton and Waynesboro conduct joint Firefighter testing. For more information call 540-564-3175. Testing consists of a two hour written test and a physical ability test.

Event one of the physical ability test will include an aerial climb at 70 feet at 70 degrees, you will be attached to a safety line in which you will ascend and descend the ladder without stopping. There is no requirement for a weight vest for the climb; however you will be required to wear a helmet and gloves. This event is un-timed, after completing you will report to a holding area for 10 minutes prior to beginning the rest of the course.

Event two will be a stair climb which will include a 50 lb. weight vest and an additional 12.5 lb. to simulate a high rise pack. There will be a 20 second warm up and then you will begin the 3 minute stair climb at a rate of 60 steps per minute. Once finished the 12.5 lbs. will be removed.

Event three through 9 will be a timed event of firefighting activities with a 50 lb. weight vest. These events will include a Hose drag, Equipment carry, Ladder carry, Forcible entry/ventilation prop in which you will drive a 160 lb. weight 5 feet with a 9 lb. sledge hammer, A tunnel maze to simulate searching in limited visibility, A mannequin drag and a push pull scenario to simulate ceiling breaches where you will push up 60lbs three times and pull down 80 lbs. five times with a 6ft pike pole for a total of four sets

Individuals completing both the written and physical ability test will be provided certificates indicating their scores. These certificates must be used to apply for future positions with the above listed localities. NOTE: Certificates are only valid for 1 year.