FAPT Process

The Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) review the needs of at risk children and makes recommendations regarding services plans. The team includes members representing Rockingham County Public Schools, Harrisonburg City Public Schools, the Department of Social Services, Juvenile Justice (26th District Court Services Unit), the Community Services Board, parent representatives and private providers of service. A referral for access to the CSA process must be made by one of the public agencies who are a member of the FAPT. This referral process mandates that at-risk youth and their families exhaust all less restrictive levels of service before a referral for consideration of the CSA process is undertaken.

What happens at a FAPT meeting?

A FAPT meeting is scheduled after a referral is made to the CSA office by a member of one of the public agencies who is a member of FAPT.

  • The referring case manager will notify the family of the FAPT meeting date in a timely manner.
  • The family will be asked to give written consent to share information with the team.
  • The family and the team will develop a plan for services that provides support for the child and family and addresses their unique needs.
  • The family is encouraged to actively take part in the meeting discussion and the decisions about services needed.
  • The family will review and approve the individual family service plan.
  • Once approved, the plan is signed and services can begin as soon as possible.
  • A family may disagree with the service plan and may ask for a review by the Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT). This request must be in writing to the CMPT chairperson within 10 working days after the meeting.

FAPT meetings are held at 8:30 am on the first, second, and third Thursday of each month at the Harrisonburg/Rockingham DSS Family Services Building at 227 E. Elizabeth Street, Harriosnburg, VA  22803.