Inspections & Enforcement

Regular Inspections

All sites are inspected on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the approved plan. Site visit frequency is based upon a score each site receives from the County’s rating form determining whether the project will be inspected on a two, four, or eight-week schedule. Every site in Rockingham County is subject to the same rating system and inspection cycle, including single-family dwellings.

During our inspections, every effort is made to contact the owner or responsible party on site and make sure they understand all comments or corrections that have been noted.

Final Inspection

When adequate stabilization (i.e. vegetated) has been achieved on the site a final inspection is conducted by both the inspector and program administrator to determine if the site is ready for bond release or occupancy. An erosion and sediment final must be passed prior to Certificate of Occupancy, even if all other County / town requirements have been met.


When violations of the County ordinance or deviations from the approved plan are discovered through the inspection program, progressive enforcement actions outlined in the ordinance are closely followed and documented. A reinspect fee of $100 may be imposed on single-family dwelling projects failing consecutive inspections. Enforcement actions can include notices of violation, stop work orders, and civil actions involving fines and other penalties.