Conditions of Supervision

Standard Conditions of Supervision

  • Report monthly (minimum) to case manager
  • Reside at a specific residence and notify case manager prior to any changes
  • Be truthful and cooperative
  • Notify case manager of any changes in employment within one week
  • Appear in court as ordered by the court
  • Be of good behavior
  • Notify case manager of any arrests or traffic citations within three days
  • Remain free of any illegal drugs
  • Refrain from the abuse of alcohol
  • Submit to random drug and alcohol testing
  • Travel outside Virginia is prohibited unless authorized by case manager
  • Possession of firearms prohibited if convicted of felony or domestic assault

Additional Conditions

  • Pay restitution, supervision fees, fines, and court costs within a specified period of time
  • Perform community service work at approved site
  • Enter and complete recommended treatment programs (mental health, substance abuse, sex offender, anger management, and/or domestic violence)
  • No use of alcohol
  • House arrest or home electronic monitoring
  • No contact with victim
  • Weapon confiscation
  • Attend educational programs (i.e., GED)