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The Rockingham County Department of Finance plays an integral part of the day to day operations throughout the county. Some of duties they perform include school and county payroll, accounts payable, and utility billing. The Finance Department aims to assist all areas of the local government in making sure that Rockingham County citizen’s needs are met.

Payroll - The payroll department provides payroll services for all county and school employees. They are tasked with financial reporting, retirement account reconciliations and benefit accounting. Jennifer Dellinger is the payroll supervisor. Mandy Wendel processes school payroll and Michelle Armentrout processes county payroll.

Accounts Payable - The accounts payable department pays invoices for all county and school department. They manage all purchase orders, store accounts and 1099 reporting. Carla Smith and Betty Puffenbarger process all school invoices and Monica Ewell processes all county invoices.

Accounting - The Finance department employs one senior accountant that performs all account reconciliations and manages year-end financial reporting. Angela Hernandez cover all entries and oversight of the general ledger.

Purchasing - The Finance department is involved in all aspects of purchasing for the County. They are responsible for purchase orders, the County's bidder list, issuing invitation to bids and request for proposals. Dustin Roderick covers this area.

Finance Director - Trish Davidson is the Finance Director and manages all areas in the Finance Department. The budget, capital planning, purchasing and financial reporting are the main areas of direct oversight.

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