Water Sports & Fishing

Whether you prefer the natural version of waters running through a riverbed or the jet-propelled version of indoor waves, our area is filled with water-related recreation.
Both calm waters and class-1 rapids can be found along the Shenandoah River, making it perfect for canoeing, kayaking, rafting and tubing. No matter if you choose a paddle or just splashing along, there are two companies offering river adventures – Massanutten and Shenandoah.      
If fishing is more your speed, our lakes and rivers offer a number of great fishing spots. But if you want some local insights before you head to the rivers to fly fish, a stop at Mossy Creek Fly Fishing for a chat with owners and long-time fly-fishing veterans Brian and Colby is well advised.
·   Briery Branch Lake
·   Hone Quarry
·   Lake Shenandoah
·   Silver Lake
·   Mossy Creek
·   Silver Lake
·   Slate Lick Lake
·   Spring Creek Trout Farm
·   Hemlock Springs Trout Farm
River Adventure Options
·   Massanutten River Adventures
·   Shenandoah River Adventures
Indoor/Outdoor Water Park
·   Massanutten Water Park